Saturday, July 09, 2005

Slow day in the MSM?

With bombing details slowly emerging out of London, the mainstream media grabs what it can to fill the international page void. Fortunate for them, I'm open to play ball.

Apparently, Nike's decided to give ol' Kobe Bryant another chance after a two-year timeout. I'm no fan of basketball, but I followed this case closely from a marketing/sponsorship perspective -- I suspect it'll become a staple "case study" in advanced public relations courses.

And the other tidbit is an alleged, classified UK Defense Ministry blueprint drafted by the UK & US to dramatically reduce the number of troops in Iraq by April 2006. Of course, this document was leaked, so there's no spokesperson -- or credibility -- attached to the story.

Saturdays are traditionally slow for the MSM, and I can appreciate the timing of the Nike announcement (invite less "hoop-la" when America's focus is on baseball). But I look forward to seeing if/how the latter story plays out: The two largest members of the coalition should not re-deploy at the same time in Iraq.

And if it's merely a bureaucrat's ploy to pressure the Iraqis to assume more responsibility for themselves, it sure doesn't do much to strengthen diplomatic relations with (what could be) the showcase government in that region.


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