Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mil-blogger returns to 'Leatherneck' roots

Fellow mil-blogger, Jarhead, from Red State Rant has made the monumental decision to join the Marine Corps, after a 10-year hiatus from his initial stint in "Uncle Sam's Big Green Gun Club."

His post brilliantly captures what many proud servicemembers feel about the calling of military service. Further, Jarhead and his family epitomize the selflessness and patriotism that the nation needs right now (read here and here).

Wrote Jarhead:
Serving my country is not a 4-year contract. It is a life-long commitment. Nor is it a “due” to be paid like some cheap membership fee. It is a deeply personal obligation. And it is certainly not “time” that has to be “done” like some felony prison sentence. It is nothing short of an honor that I hold in the highest regard, an honor that I must prove worthy of, an honor that must be earned every single day.

We offer you our best wishes, and more importantly, you have our respect.


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