Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mastering the Mini (and Spousal Relations!)

I finally buckled to temptation, and the wife seems to not mind one bit.

I bought the Household Commander an iPod for her birthday.

As an introduction, this is a huge step for a family who has hitherto prided itself in being responsible consumers and avoiding the hype of consumerism. Neither of us gets excited about electronic gadgets -- I don't even own a watch -- but I must confess that this little doohickey is a lot of fun.

What started out as an impulse buy has turned out to be fairly educational too. From the moment you open the package, it's clear that this product will leave an indelible mark on humankind ...and we're going to be a part of that! Throw in some logo stickers, and it's flawless marketing.

It's that same "brand emotion" that causes new iPodders to waste money on accessories. For instance, we can assume that most folks would get tired of the earbugs and one day want to play songs on bigger speakers. The company's answer: Its very own "Stereo Connection Kit" for a mere $80.

The Funky Crew, ever the informed consumers, instead bought a cable that has a 1/8" stereo adapter on one end and a Y-adapter on the other for a fraction of that price. And tho not as pretty, it works just fine. The same research can be applied to the armband and better headphones.

Accessory marketing aside, it's been a blast. Evident by the way she beebops around the house, my wife is enjoying the new gizmo too.

And we all know that when CINCHOUSE is happy, everyone is happy.

Thanks Apple.


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